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The Land Of Enchantment Welcomes Us Back!

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We went back home to Miami to pack up our house, give away and sell our belongings and rent the house. In thirty days the universe delivered everything we needed to we accomplished our goals! it was an incredible opportunity to release my attachment on even deeper levels. I gave away so much stuff and each time I find more things to manage I felt so overwhelmed and questioned how I had spent so much time accumulating "stuff" that now felt like such a burden. Each time something was donated, sold or thrown out I felt such a sense of release and peace in my soul. Great healing to let go! I was also blessed to find a wonderful tenant to rent my house and that is no longer a part of my consciousness. We left on March 9, 2009 and had a bumpy ride back to the west coast. We purchased a trailer and put the "stuff" we thought we could not part with and towed in in the RV. The universe had other plans for us. Every day for 7 days straight the trailer broke down, we had 7 blow outs, axel broke, chassis came apart and more. Each day I questioned "Is there more "stuff" to release?" Perhaps we should have arrived with just the RV. The more stuff the more energy that gets consumed. I really get it that less is more. If less is more than Nothing is Everything!

After working straight for 7 weeks we are ready to enjoy the journey. We will be attending a seminar The Eleventh International Conference on Science and Consciousness Santa Fe, NM next week. We hope to rejuvenate our soul, raise on spirits, connect with new spirits and enjoy Canyon Road's spectacular artwork again!

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Las Vegas, NV to Monterey, CA

California is Spectacular!

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We visited my family Sin City . . . Las Vegas also known as Lost Wages!
I have not visited with my Mom since our wedding three years ago and it was a pleasure to be with her. It seems we have both matured and really appreciated being with each other. We experienced a closeness that we never experienced before. She is incredibly fun and had a show planned almost every night for us. It was also a blessing for me to spend time with my nephew Evan. He has grown so much and fortunately were able to be there on this birthday. Evan turned 9 and is the youngest son of my recently deceased sister. He really matured and has come into his own power since I visited with him last. It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart so to see him so happy. We spent three weeks in Vegas and were thrilled to discover several raw food vegetarian restaurants that we truly enjoyed . . . Especially the raw deserts. You can't imagine how delicious it is to enjoy a fully raw cheesecake that is made with only nuts and berries.

The weather got suddenly cold and being addicted to the sun we headed to Tucson, Arizona. We spent a week in beautiful Catalina State park. Every day we were blessed with spectacular nature trials to begin our day.

After Tucson we went to a very unusual town called Quartzite AZ. This town attracts millions of RVs in the winter because of the weather and community. Andres was able to ride motocross right outside our RV. We were there before the season and it looked more like a ghost town.

After Quartzite we spent a day in Yuma. Very quiet town with not much to see.

We went to one of my favorite cities . . . San Diego. We stayed in a beautiful state park and began our days with a nature walk and a mediation. The view filled my heart. We visited Del Mar, La Jolla, and Andres jumped into the ocean to swim with the seals. The seals were playing everywhere. Balboa park has so many wonderful museums, and beauty to behold. We spent several days enjoying the park and all it has to offer.

We went to Santa Barbara to vista with my fiend Debra. She is so inspiring. Debra is one of the few women I know who has lived completely on her terms. She left the country a few years ago and moved to Argentina for 3 years to dance tango every night in Buenos Aires. She loves to dance so much, she sold her house to live her dreams. She is back in California now and has great stories of her adventures! Santa Barbra has some of the most amazing views of the ocean. We hiked up some real treacherous cliffs, but the view was well worth the risk!

We headed to Napa to visit with my friends Bob and Tina. Fortunately it was Tina's birthday and Bob was planned a party that we were invited to. We met their friends and had a wonderful evening and of course there was great wine everywhere! Spending quality time with Tina and Bob was the highlight of Napa. Bob got to spend time with Andres riding his motorcycle along Napa valley. At our farewell dinner we all express our sincere appreciation for each other and I still feel the warmth on my heart from our evening together.

We left Napa to visit San Francisco as we planned to exhibit at the Green Festival. San Francisco was amazing! What a unique city, surrounded by water and mountains. They had an amazing selecting of Vegetarian restaurants. Our favorite was Millennium. We were blessed with abundance at the Green festival and are always grateful for peoples response to our Java and Tea Wands.

We just arrived in Monterey CA and look forward to exploring the beautiful city.

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Majestic Sedona!

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CIMG7238.jpgCIMG7264.jpgCIMG7267.jpg166316CIMG7412.jpgCIMG7420.jpgCIMG7442.jpgCIMG7455.jpgCIMG7546.jpgCIMG7554.jpgCIMG7557.jpgThe energy from the awe inspiring vortexes engulfed my heart and soul.
Every step I take, every breath I take I can feel the energy of the mountain
vortexes that surround me. I feel like I am being hugged by mountains.
Everywhere I look there is another vortex mountain emanating energy. There
is no photo or book that can fully deliver the majestic mountains views that
surrounds Sedona.

We drove in late at night on a mountain that had signs that said "no trucks
over 50" feet because of the switchbacks. When my husband was making
narrow turns with a view of 100 feet drop I was gripping my chair and silently praying.
While I trust his driving completely, we were driving at night with no lights, on an
unfamiliar road that had more turns and curves that the Amalfi coast in
Positano Italy. (At least the drivers here appear to be a bit saner).
Because we are towing our car, a dirt bike, mountain bike and a Honda
Goldwing motorcycle those turns were really SCARY! I kept visualizing us
safely parked in Sedona and thanked God each time he successfully made a

We found our way to our next parking destination and have a view that makes
me want to drop to me knees in prayers of gratitude every morning! Thank you universe.

I have worked with several healers since I have been here. I worked with a
rolfer and have experienced tremendously release in my body and feel gravity
finding its way into the muscles that I have been holding for a lifetime. I
suppose being a single woman and having felt the need to take care of
everything for so long created a pattern of defense in my physiology and
that programming has caused me a great deal of physical pain over the years.
My new lifestyle of just being in the moment coupled with the Rolfing seems
to really agree with me and my body. I feel so relaxed and find myself
breathing into parts of my body that had been long forgotten. I am claiming
my self back.

We came to Sedona to exhibit at the RAW Festival. Since we have become raw
food lovers it's a delight to be around other like minded souls. I have to
admit the vegetarian restaurants in Sedona are delicious. One restaurant in
particular is called De'lish and the name is perfect for everything we have
tried so far.

Today we hiked up Airport mountain. We took a three mile trail and did not
realize just how hot it could get on the mountain. We made the mistake of
being there at noon time and the sweltering sun really hit me upon reaching
the third mile. With the heat coupled with the altitude, I saw white and almost passed out.
Gratefully Andres had plenty of water and kept pouring cold water down my neck and head until I
could recover enough to continue. The mountain was challenging because the
terrain keeps changing with every step you take. The lesson I learned
today on the mountain was to just focus on my next step. I don't need to
know all the future steps, I just to to feel my way clear to the next step
and everything will take care of itself. The other lesson was to stop to
admire the beauty that surround me. The views expanded my heart and soul
and I really felt connected to nature.

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Next Stop Sedona Arizona

I don't need to know what time it is any more.

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CIMG7155.jpgCIMG6976.jpgCIMG7106.jpgCIMG7111.jpgCIMG7131.jpgCIMG7135.jpgCIMG7123.jpgCIMG7132.jpgCIMG7160.jpgCIMG7169.jpgCIMG7188.jpgCIMG6662.jpgCIMG6713.jpgCIMG6764.jpgCIMG6808.jpgCIMG6820.jpgCIMG6823.jpgCIMG6869.jpgCIMG6893.jpgCIMG6910.jpgCIMG6918.jpgCIMG6937.jpgCIMG6965.jpgCIMG7004.jpg166316166316CIMG7025.jpgCIMG7051.jpgCIMG7056.jpgI have taken off my watch for the first time, I can ever remember. I think I was born wearing a watch! Not wearing a watch is finally letting go of planning and just being in the moment. I don't need to know what time it is any more. Time is just an illusion. I continue to find joy in the present and continue to unwind all the years of needing to do. I wake up . . . Mediate, go for a walk in nature, read my intentions, journal and begin each day connected to my soul.

Santa Fe is truly a magical place. If I had to sum it up in one word . . . Colorful. The backdrop of earths tones with gorgeous colors is a feast for the eyes. Canyon Road is one of the most spectacular streets in the country. It's a mile long filled with houses that have been converted into art galleries. Art galleries filled with the most talented and creative artists. Each gallery stirs your senses and inspires you to see the world with new eyes. I took so many photos and shared some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the art as much as we did. https://www.travellerspoint.com/gallery/users/Raimondo/

We had a lot of spicy food, enjoyed the vistas, drop dead gorgeous sunsets and got lost staring into the stars at tight. There is nothing in the way here and you can see so many stars. Roswell is only a few towns away and I kept looking into the sky for anything mysterious. Nothing yet! We bought a special telescope so we could really gaze upon the celestial offerings. We stayed in El Ranchero RV park just 10 minutes from downtown Santa Fe. After almost being here a week, we are leaving tomorrow for majestic Sedona Arizona.

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Three Mile Long Trains?

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CIMG6635.jpgOn the drive from Texas to New Mexico, we drove on an old country road with parallel train tracks. Three different times during the day we witnessed THREE MILE long trains that had DOUBLE cars labeled CHINA on all of them. The trains seemed liked they would never end.
We suspect they were coming in from the ports in California and heading East. As we witness our economy getting hit, it was very difficult to see the trains filled with all those goods from China. We have transferred much of our wealth to China and hope we can find a way to make peace with these choices in the future.

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